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Criminal Defense Attorney Kim T. Stephens Discusses the Campus Carry Law


Criminal Defense Attorney Kim T. Stephens Discusses the Limitations to the Campus Carry Law

Effective July 1, 2017, licensed gun owners will be able to carry weapons on Georgia college and university campuses. Georgia joins Colorado, Utah, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Idaho, Kansas (effective July 1, 2017), and Arkansas (effective September 15, 2017), who all already have campus carry laws in place. Criminal defense attorney, Kim T. Stephens cautions students and other individuals that that there are limitations to the campus carry¬†law, and it’s important for students and others to know these limitations to avoid arrest and possible criminal prosecution.

1. Students are not allowed to have guns or ANY other type of weapon in university dormitories at any time. Students found in possession of a firearm or other weapon could be charged with a felony. Therefore, students who live on campus would not have a place to safely store a weapon, even if they are a licensed gun carrier.
2. The campus carry bill does NOT allow guns to be taken inside a fraternity or sorority house. Therefore, any student living at a fraternity or sorority house, could not keep a weapon on the property. Individuals violating this policy could be charged with a felony and/or a misdemeanor.
3. Firearms are also NOT allowed inside buildings, stadiums, or other facilities used for athletic events.
4. Firearms or weapons of any kind cannot be taken into any daycare or childcare facility, including those on university property.
5. Students and other individuals may not take firearms into faculty or administrative areas on campus, and may not take firearms or any other weapons to student judiciary hearings. Any person violating these restrictions may be charged with a felony.

Kim T. Stephens is a nationally ranked criminal defense attorney in Athens, Georgia. If you have been charged with a crime or are facing disciplinary action from a student judiciary board, call Kim Stephens today for professional advice and a powerful defense.

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