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Tips For UGA Students Going To 2015 Georgia – Florida Game


If you are a UGA student going to the Georgia Florida game this weekend, please keep these important tips in mind to avoid trouble or possible arrest:

  • On your way to and from the game, the Georgia State Patrol, county sheriff departments and local police agencies will be out in full force watching for speeders, drunk drivers, expired tags, improper passing, reckless driving, even tag and tail light violations. Road blocks are likely to be set up as well.  BE CAREFUL!
  • Do not drink and drive. Even if your entire group of friends is over 21, always have a designated driver.
  • If you do get stopped for any reason, politely provide your driver’s license to law enforcement officers. If asked to take field sobriety tests, though, just say “No.”  In other words, do not agree to take the walk and turn test, HGN (following the officer’s finger or flashlight), one leg stand, or any other test at the scene of the stop unless you are completely sober with no alcohol or drugs in your system.
  • If you are under 21, you cannot drink or possess alcohol. Glynn County and other law enforcement officers will be closely watching the beach this year looking for any reason to cite or arrest underage drinkers.
  • Do not urinate in public, even if you believe you are out of sight. Local police may arrest you not just for public urination but also for public indecency if you are spotted.
  • Stay with a friend always. Too many students have died over the years because they became intoxicated and had an accident, including overdosing, falling off parking decks and balconies, etc.  A friend can save your life.
  • Remember the “Amnesty Law.” Whether you are the person suffering from alcohol or drug poisoning or it is your friend or someone else, Georgia and Florida laws grant you amnesty if you seek medical help or call 9-1-1.  You should not be arrested if you “do the right thing.”
  • You cannot possess any drugs if you don’t have a prescription for them. Even one pill in your pocket without a prescription will result in a felony charge against you if found.
  • Possession of marijuana is not legal in Georgia or Florida.
  • Do not draw attention to yourself by being too loud, rude, arguing or fighting.
  • Glass containers are prohibited on the beach. Plastic containers and cups are also prohibited if they are “likely to splinter into sharp pieces.”  Local law enforcement may use this ordinance as a reason to question college students
  • You cannot drive a motor vehicle of any kind on the beach.
  • You cannot store or leave anything on the beach overnight. This prohibition includes boats, motorized vehicles, tents, coolers, etc.
  • Do not build a fire. If you do, you will get burned by local law enforcement.
  • You cannot sell anything, legal or otherwise, without a permit. Obviously, you won’t be able to get a permit to sell illegal products.
  • Don’t have sex with someone if they are intoxicated. The law says they cannot consent, and you may be arrested for rape and risk decades in prison.
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