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Kim T. Stephens on Title IX, Student Conduct, and Academic Dishonesty


Did you know that criminal defense attorney Kim T. Stephens represents individuals being investigated or punished by student judiciary boards at universities throughout Georgia?

In the last month, Mr. Stephens has obtained a temporary protective order to prevent a law student being suspended without due process from an Atlanta law school. This aggressive action on behalf of Mr. Stephens’ client kept the student in school, enabled him to take his exams, and earn credit for his semester’s work. Mr. Stephens also recently had an expulsion at UGA overturned and reduced to a suspension, again allowing the student concerned to return to school and complete their degree. The student’s relieved parent wrote the following review of Mr. Stephens’ services:
“I talked to a lot of attorneys when my college aged child was expelled for academic dishonesty and the appeal deadline was only days away. Kim Stephens was the only attorney willing to help. With his knowledge and experience, he was able to get the expulsion turned to suspension and my child was readmitted to UGA and will now be able to accomplish educational and career goals. Without him, that would not have happened. Thank you Mr. Stephens.”
If you, or your child, are facing an investigation or a hearing with the student judiciary at a college in Georgia, you need professional advice and a powerful defense.

Call Kim T. Stephens today and let him protect your future.


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