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Kim T. Stephens Testimonials


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Best Attorney for Student Cases at UGA

I talked to a lot of attorneys when my college aged child was expelled for academic dishonesty and the appeal deadline was only days away. Kim Stephens was the only attorney willing to help. With his knowledge and experience, he was able to get the expulsion turned to suspension and my child was readmitted to UGA and will now be able to accomplish educational and career goals. Without him, that would not have happened. Thank you Mr. Stephens.

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Criminal Law case with just 6 days before hearing

I called Mr. Stephens's office and explained all the facts of the case and met with him the next day. I hired him with only 6 days left before hearing. Within 2 days he had the charges dropped and our son with release on the sixth day. Mr. Stephens knows the legal system, what to do and who to see in the District Attorney's Office. His rates are extremely fair. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a criminal lawyer. The best decision ever made.


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The guy is great.

I was wrongfully charged and Kim didn't judge when I told him I was innocent. Kim proved that to be true, what else could you ask for? Super nice guy and very easy to talk to. Definitely recommend at least talking to Kim.


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A great lawyer and a better human being!

I hired Mr. Stephens to defend my daughter on a very serious felony charge. He not only persuaded the DA to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor, but got her quickly released. He also persuaded the judge to override last minute objections from the plaintiff. He was responsive to us throughout the process. He is a great choice if you want an excellent attorney and a better person.


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DUI and speeding charge

I got stopped for speeding and DUI in Baldwin, Ga. I live in Athens and Kim Stephens was able to go all the way to baldwin, Ga to help me on my court case. He was able to reduce my speeding ticket so that I wouldn't have any points on my license. He was also able to take my dui charge down to city ordinance (which will not even be on my criminal record). I only had to pay the finest for the speeding and city ordinance, 20 hours of dui school, and 40 hours of community service. However the judge took the community service away also so all I had was dui school! He is great with dui cases he has helped other people I know with takin away the dui charge! So if you ever get a dui he'll be great to help you!

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Best DUI Lawyer

I got stopped in Athens in December for a taillight violation, and the cop arrested me and charged me with DUI alcohol and drugs. My dad hired Mr. Stephens to represent me which was the best move we could have made. Despite taking a blood test which came back positive for marijuana, Mr. Stephens was able to get my DUI dismissed completely. I had to pay a fine for the taillight violation but that was it. Mr. Stephens is the best. If you get arrested in Athens, you need to call him.


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Very pleased

Great guy wonderful staff easy to talk to and work with i would recommend mr stephens to anyone who needs an attorney this guy will get the job done


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Excellent Attorney

Mr. Stephens was very productive and proactive in dealing with my case. I was charged with a MIP and disorderly conduct. He quickly and efficiently provided me with options moving forward and was there to answer all of my questions. His help was crucial and his expertise second to none.

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Kim Stephens is a consummate professional barrister. His personal approach and consistent communication sets him apart from the typical lawyer. We were always kept up to date on the process and more than prepared for the results.


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Excellent lawyer and great to work with

Kim Stephens did a wonderful job with my underage drinking and jaywalking tickets! I was overwhelmed and confused by the whole process, but he was very helpful in simplifying it and figuring out my best option with previous charges. He was able to get my probation time cut in half, and speed up the process when my officer wasn't being very responsive. Not only is he a great lawyer, but he is very friendly and easy to work with. I have had good experiences with 2 other lawyers, but Kim is definitely my favorite and I highly recommend him!


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Kim, led us through the legal process, he listened to all of the family members comments and out together a strategy that reduced the charges and upon completion will not be reflected on his record. He gave my 20 year old son a chance to have a future without this mistake hanging over his head. I would recommend calling him and get him on your team.

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Great attorney! If you need an attorney, this is who you need.

When my 16- year-old son was arrested for smoking marijuana last fall, I was sick with worry. I had no idea what to expect from the juvenile system or the court system in general. Kim was awesome! First, he didn’t make me feel like my son was some terrible kid; rather just a regular kid who made a poor choice. I really appreciated that. He spent the time to talk to me about what we could expect, which greatly helped relieve my fears.
When we went to court, I was blown away by Kim's charisma and efficiency. He filed a motion which resulted in an informal probationary period for my son, without adjudication. To me, this was a win-win. My son was given the opportunity to see the significance of his actions without the ramifications of a conviction. I am so thankful that Kim was in my son's corner that day!
If you find yourself in need of an attorney, I would highly recommend Kim Stephens.


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Excellent attorney and staff!!

I had 3 criminal charges brought against me under false circumstances and Kim was able to have two of them completely dropped and the last one reduced to an ordinance violation. I am extremely grateful to him and his expertise and concern. Hopefully I will never need an attorney again, but he would be the only one I would recommend to anyone that has criminal charges brought against them. You can expect to be treated with respect and integrity every step of the way by Kim and Emma.


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In todays litigious society when the need arises and legal representation is required, I look for the person that has the a
confidence, the leadership ability, the drive, tenacity and most of all honor. Mr. Stephens represents the values that matter most in life. His integrity is unmatched. His abilities remove all doubt whether you have chosen the right person for the job or not.
Results are never guaranteed, but with Mr. Stephen's engagement, the field of fair play is leveled and in my book, that is an advantage and added value.
In the end, Mr. Stephens has given me the best bang for my buck and has fulfilled our needs. This is one man you want in your corner! Thanks Kim for being there!
With sincere appreciation, Alex and Nan

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Personable but to the point

I was represented by Kim Stephens for an incident that took place at Sanford Stadium. It was a dumb mistake that turned in to an obstruction charge. Mr. Stephens was able to get the charge and fine reduced and keep my record clean. He is very knowledgeable of the system and the area. Would highly recommend Kim Stephens if you need an attorney.


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Amazing! Couldn’t believe it.

I hired Kim Stephens to represent me in Elbert County for a case where I was charged with 30 counts of financial transaction theft and fraud. I expected to go to jail. Today, though, Mr. Stephens convinced the Judge to sentence me to probation with no jail time. After I finish probation, I won't have a criminal conviction on my record. Thank you, Mr. Stephens. You are the best.


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Great Personal Injury Attorney

Kim Stephens represented me on a personal injury case and got me the highest possible settlement amount. Basically, a car ran a stop sign and t-boned the car I was a passenger in. I ended up in the hospital with broken bones that required surgery. Mr. Stephens forced the insurance company of the other driver to pay their policy limits quickly, and after that he went after the under-insured motorists’ coverage on my policy and also recovered the maximum amount possible. In addition to dealing with the insurance companies, Mr. Stephens also negotiated with the hospital where I was treated and convinced them to take a lower amount than billed, meaning I got more money than I would have otherwise. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of attorney in this case. Everyone at Mr. Stephens’ office was caring and professional, and he did a great job. If I ever need any legal help in the future, I will definitely be calling Mr. Stephens.


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Wrongful Accusation Righted

Our college aged son was involved in a case regarding alleged sexual misconduct without due process opportunity. Mr. Stephens reviewed the case thoroughly and concurred that no wrong doing had occurred. He gave us hope and aggressively defended our son's rights. He went above and beyond with persistence and skillful ability to provide us with a successful and rightful outcome. We found him to be very professional, responsible, and a truly caring individual. We would not have any hesitation in hiring Mr. Stephens as a lawyer. We could not have been more pleased with his knowledge of the judicial system. He is truly a fine and outstanding lawyer that we sincerely respect.

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A Great Lawyer and Great Person!

I have known Kim for over twenty-five years. He is one the most trustworthy, diligent, hardworking, and honest people I have ever known. He stood by my side when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and needed legal representation. Not only was Kim there for me, he took a mountain and made it into a molehill. At the time, it seemed as though I was facing insurmountable odds, Kim took those odds and turned them to my favor. The entire time Kim kept me abreast of everything that was going on and informed me of every option we had. Kim is not only an exceptional attorney, he is a good man.

L. Tellis

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Great Lawyer!!

I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone in need of an attorney!! He is great at what he does, easy to work with and understand, and the outcome of my case could not have been better!!

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I recommend Kim Stephens

We had been working with another attorney when Kim Stephens was referred to us by a friend. From the moment I first spoke with Kim it was apparent he was highly experienced and knew the Clarke County Court System extremely well. Kim assured me he would try to achieve a better outcome for us and he did! We are so fortunate Kim was referred to us. I highly recommend Kim Stephens.

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Damn Fine Lawyer!!

HIRE THIS MAN! Seriously, if you need a lawyer in Georgia, Kim Stephens is the one I'd recommend. My husband and I were arrested for speeding and possession of marijuana. The whole situation was foreign to us and we were clueless and petrified. Thank God we found Kim Stephens' profile on a Georgia Bar Association site. Kim was so calm and knowledgeable. He gave us his cell phone numbers and encouraged us to call or text anytime. Sometimes it took him a while to get back to us, but he didn't want to waste our time if he didn't have news. This man works his tail off and is all over the state every week. He knows the courts and the judges. I could go on forever but I will say this: I know that if we had not had a knowledgeable Georgia lawyer, Georgia would have eaten us up and spit us out! Kim did more for us than we asked him to do and saved us hundreds of dollars, while also saving our jobs and our reputations. We live in Florida, but if we ever needed a criminal lawyer again, we would call Kim. I hope you will too. He's one of the "good guys" and you can trust him.

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Integrity and Excellence

Kim Stephens did a fantastic job helping me with some business contract work. He exhibits the highest integrity, he is quick to respond to questions, and he excels at simplifying and translating complex legal concepts into terms that make sense. I definitely recommend him!


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Best lawyer in Athens!!! Very caring and experienced! I recommend Kim Stephens. Terrific lawyer!

Kim Stephens is a very knowledgable, experienced, and hardworking attorney who truly cares about his clients. He put me at ease and showed empathy during a very sensitive and scary time in my life. He spent a lot of time helping me explore every option available to me. I was very impressed by his level of devotion to my case and I could not be happier with my choice in a lawyer. If you want a trustworthy and reliable lawyer to represent you, I suggest you give Kim Stephens a call.


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Highly Recommend for DUI Case

I could not have been happier with my choice of attorney. I had no idea what to expect after my arrest, but Kim clearly explained the legal process during our first meeting, and needless to say, I left his office feeling very confident in him. He was extremely professional, easy to talk to, and overall a really nice guy. My case ended up being dismissed and I am truly grateful to Kim. Would definitely recommend him.

Corey Anderson