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Family Law & Divorce

Accomplished Athens Lawyers Helping with Family Law Issues

Handling a range of difficult domestic cases for individuals and families

A family law case can have devastating effects on your personal and financial future. That is why it is so important to seek the help of a skilled divorce lawyer who is ready to provide you with pragmatic legal representation for a range of family-related legal issues. Attorney Michael Brown has the experience and knowledge to work through your legal problems and obtain an effective resolution. While attorney Brown focuses his practice on trying to resolve cases through amicable negotiations, he is ready to take on tough litigation if necessary for clients throughout the state of Georgia.

Comprehensive family law services

Athens Family lawyer Michael Brown has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney in the state of Georgia. This time spent working in the legal system has given him a deep understanding of the complexities of the state’s family laws, and he is fully equipped to help clients with issues involving:

  • Divorce: Attorney Brown guides clients through Georgia’s divorce process from beginning to end. Whether you are going through a no-fault or fault-based divorce, he knows how the process works and is ready to help you reach a positive resolution.
  • Child custody: All child custody cases are difficult, but attorney Brown makes sure your child’s best interests are being looked after as a custody plan is put into place.
  • Child support: Attorney Brown can help you seek a child support amount that is effective and fair for your family’s future.
  • Alimony: In Georgia, the courts factor in a number of details to calculate a proper alimony amount. This includes the current job status of both parties, the length of the marriage, and the child custody results. Attorney Brown represents clients involved in these cases to make sure all of the details are properly considered to create a fair alimony plan. He also helps clients who need to modify existing alimony amounts after a change in income.
  • Adoptions: Attorney Brown handles a range of issues related to the adoption process, including interstate adoption, contested adoption, relative adoption and stepparent adoption.
  • Domestic abuse: Athens family lawyer Michael S. Brown helps obtain protective orders for clients who have been victims of domestic abuse by their spouses.

Contact Attorney Michael Brown for effective family law representation in Athens, GA

If you need legal representation for a family law issue, call Athens family lawyer Michael Brown today at 678-234-4719 or contact him online to schedule a free consultation. From his office in Athens, he handles cases across the state of Georgia.