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Kim Stephens got my DUI dropped!

I got stopped for speeding and DUI in Baldwin, Ga. I live in Athens and Kim Stephens was able to go all the way to baldwin, Ga to help me on my court case. He was able to reduce my speeding ticket so that I wouldn’t have any points on my license. He was also able to take my DUI charge down to a city ordinance (which will not even be on my criminal record). I only had to pay the fines for the speeding and city ordinance, 20 hours of DUI school, and 40 hours of community service. However the judge took the community service away also so all I had was DUI school! He is great with DUI cases. He has helped other people I know with taking away the DUI charge! So if you ever get a DUI he’ll be great to help you!

–DUI Client

Kim Stephens: A Great Lawyer and an Even Better Human Being!

I hired Kim Stephens to defend my daughter on a very serious felony charge. He not only persuaded the DA to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor, but got her quickly released. He also persuaded the judge to override last minute objections from the plaintiff. He was responsive to us throughout the process. He is a great choice if you want an excellent attorney and a better person!

— Tom, father of a client with serious felony charges.

Best DUI Lawyer

I got stopped in Athens in December for a taillight violation, and the cop arrested me and charged me with DUI alcohol and drugs. My dad hired Kim Stephens to represent me which was the best move we could have made. Despite taking a blood test which came back positive for marijuana, Mr. Stephens was able to get my DUI dismissed completely. I had to pay a fine for the taillight violation but that was it. Mr. Stephens is the best. If you get arrested in Athens, you need to call him.


Get Kim Stephens on Your Team Today!

Kim, led us through the legal process, he listened to all of the family members comments and out together a strategy that reduced the charges and upon completion will not be reflected on his record. He gave my 20 year old son a chance to have a future without this mistake hanging over his head. I would recommend calling him and get him on your team.

Kim Stephens Gets Results!

Kim Stephens is a consummate professional barrister. His personal approach and consistent communication sets him apart from the typical lawyer. We were always kept up to date on the process and more than prepared for the results.

Great Attorney! Hire this man if you need an attorney!

When my 16- year-old son was arrested for smoking marijuana last fall, I was sick with worry. I had no idea what to expect from the juvenile system or the court system in general. Kim was awesome! First, he didn’t make me feel like my son was some terrible kid; rather just a regular kid who made a poor choice. I really appreciated that. He spent the time to talk to me about what we could expect, which greatly helped relieve my fears. When we went to court, I was blown away by Kim’s charisma and efficiency. He filed a motion which resulted in an informal probationary period for my son, without adjudication. To me, this was a win-win. My son was given the opportunity to see the significance of his actions without the ramifications of a conviction. I am so thankful that Kim was in my son’s corner that day! If you find yourself in need of an attorney, I would highly recommend Kim Stephens.

Excellent Attorney and Staff

I had 3 criminal charges brought against me under false circumstances and Kim was able to have two of them completely dropped and the last one reduced to an ordinance violation. I am extremely grateful to him and his expertise and concern. Hopefully I will never need an attorney again, but he would be the only one I would recommend to anyone that has criminal charges brought against them. You can expect to be treated with respect and integrity every step of the way by Kim and Emma.



In today’s litigious society when the need arises and legal representation is required, I look for the person that has the confidence, the leadership ability, the drive, tenacity and most of all honor. Mr. Stephens represents the values that matter most in life. His integrity is unmatched. His abilities remove all doubt whether you have chosen the right person for the job or not. Results are never guaranteed, but with Mr. Stephen’s engagement, the field of fair play is leveled and in my book, that is an advantage and added value. In the end, Mr. Stephens has given me the best bang for my buck and has fulfilled our needs. This is one man you want in your corner! Thanks Kim for being there! With sincere appreciation, Alex and Nan

Wrongful Accusation Righted

Our college aged son was involved in a case regarding alleged sexual misconduct without due process opportunity. Mr. Stephens reviewed the case thoroughly and concurred that no wrong doing had occurred. He gave us hope and aggressively defended our son’s rights. He went above and beyond with persistence and skillful ability to provide us with a successful and rightful outcome. We found him to be very professional, responsible, and a truly caring individual. We would not have any hesitation in hiring Mr. Stephens as a lawyer. We could not have been more pleased with his knowledge of the judicial system. He is truly a fine and outstanding lawyer that we sincerely respect.

Great Lawyer!

I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone in need of an attorney!! He is great at what he does, easy to work with and understand, and the outcome of my case could not have been better!!

Criminal Defense Client